4 Killer Tips for Fruitful Logo Design

Making a company logo design is simple right? Think again. There’s certainly a lot more into designing a brand or a company’s visual identity than putting a name inside a box or a circle. There’s a reason why graphic designers Melbourne pros are in high demand today – they make the visual representation of a brand that impacts people’s perception, influence actions and general opinion towards the brand and company, along with its products and services.
In today’s society, people look for brand logos, even the younger kids who can’t even spell their name yet can recognize logos or able to assume what the brand sells even just by looking at its logo. If you’re looking to give your company a visual representation, or want to give your brand a visual identity face lift, then this post is for you. Here are some tips you need to have in your new logo design.
Understand Your Brand
You should always remember that a logo is NOT an image. Rather, it’s your introduction to your brand and your company. And no one should understand your brand and company better than you, this is by far, the most important thing. So before you make your logo, or before you ask for graphic design companies Melbourne designer’s help, you should write down what you think about your brand. You can even make a mood board that includes imagery. You can research for inspirations, but make sure you don’t take them literally.
Be Creative, Clever and Unique
Your logo is what distinguishes your products and services from your competitors. Thus, it is highly important that you make your logo stand out from the crowd. Company logo design experts suggests that, you should make something that you firmly believe to be very different from what is already out there. It may be difficult to be the original, but that should always be your goal.
Also, you should aim for creativity. Think outside the box. Apple’s logo for example, is not a gadget or a computer. Virgin Atlantic’s logo is definitely not a plane. And Mercedes Benz’s logo is not a car.
Color is King
Color can speak so much of your brand’s personality, thus, you need to consider all the aspect of the image and use just the right colors. Muted colors show sophistication, but they then to be overlooked. Bright and bold colors on the other hand, can easily grab attention, but they can also seem brash for others. Remember that there’s psychology behind colors. Here’s a quick rundown:
White means clean, simple and pure.
Black means powerful and credible.
Red means energetic, bold and sexy.
Orange means youthful, friendly and creative.
Yellow means optimism, inventive and sunny.
Green means organic, growth and instructional.
Blue means professional, tranquil, trustworthy and medical.
Purple means evocative, spiritual and wise.
Pink means flirty and fun.
Brown means steady, rural and historical.
What’s In the Name?
Adidas uses three stripes, while Nike uses swoosh. Both are really clever designs that don’t include words and the name of the brand. But there are also successful designs that use words and even names, such as Coca-Cola, IBM and Ray-Ban. Graphic design Melbourne experts suggest that, if your brand has a unique name, then you can play with that name and get away with the logo type. If you have quite a generic name however, then you should definitely go for the logo.
Take not of these four tips in making your company logo design. If you want professional help in your logo, then connect with Clark Marketing. They have a team of professional designers to help you get the best logo for your brand. For more information visit at CLARK Marketing & Design.

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