Why buy Kawasaki Ninja 250R for beginners

Riding a motorcycle can be one of the most incredible experiences. It can be liberating, rebellious while at the same time a good exercising sport. The greatest predicament that many new riders are faced with when it comes to motorcycle riding is determining the best first ride. The Kawasaki ninja 250R for sale is the ultimate starter motorcycle for a new rider. It is light, nimble and gets great gas mileage. It may look a tad ‘aged’ compared to newer motorcycles which are 600cc; but the bike holds its own aesthetics. This motorcycle caters to the needs of all heights as it has an adjustable seat for the shorter riders. It’s a wonderful cheap choice of transport that can take you from surface streets to freeways. What inspires most new riders is the bike’s confidence inspiring nature. It has also managed to attract a large following among new seasoned fans of affordable, sporty lightweight bikes.

In 2008, the bike got a makeover and was redesigned. The style was changed which borrowed cues from the ninja’s larger stable mates. Not only that, the bike was more powerful than the previous versions. The result was a better entry level machine for novice riders. The Kawasaki ninja 250R for sale came with suspension improvements and also an increased wheel size from 16 to 17 inches. Included also was a petal style front brake rotor.

Why they are good starter motorbikes

Ø They are very forgiving to new rider mistakes.

Ø They are inexpensive to purchase, hence affordable for many starters.

Ø Very reliable as it can run for tens of thousands of miles with just oil changes and new tires.

Ø Motorcycle parts are everywhere as it has been in the game for long. Therefore, in case you run into trouble it can be fixed easily.

Ø Very fuel efficient and easy to service.

Ø Its disc brakes, which are petal-shaped, offer excellent braking performance.

Ø 17inch wheels allow use of modern sport bike tires

Ø It has a 6 speed transmission which allows the rider to ride the bike comfortable in varied riding conditions.

Ø Its 30.5 inch seat height boosts the new rider’s confidence as riders of different heights can confidently ride it.

Kawasaki motorcycle dealers

Most Kawasaki dealers offer services related to the brand, including used and new motorbikes. They also sell other motorbikes in a wide range. For more information on the bikes they sell and the available models, along with other services they offer, one can always visit the website of such dealers. .

About the bike

The motorbike generally has had positive reviews from users and people who have experienced it. The general feeling is the fact that it will give any new beginner the best riding experience and motivation. The riders appreciate the Kawasaki bikes for their extra hold of the road as compared with other bikes in its class. With superior highway performance, amazing body and price tag that meets every budget-rider, the Kawasaki ninja 250R for sale is a perfect way to get started on the motorcycling fun.

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