A bathroom is no more considered a place where you just take your daily bath. Modern bathrooms have extended their utility to a place where you take a bath and also relax. Elegance in design and modern bathroom gadgets have played a crucial role in enhancing the utility of the bathrooms. For example, the conventional shower screens are now replaced by stunning frameless glass shower screens Melbourne residents prefer. At the same time, enhancing the elegance and utility of bathrooms can be done at an affordable cost. For example, the shower screens may cost between AUD1500 to AUD2000 depending on the size and thickness of the glass.

frameless glass shower screens melbourne

Varieties of designs:

The utility of such bathrooms is not limited to causing a partition between the shower and other areas in the bathroom. Such exclusive shower screens enhance the aesthetic beauty of the interior of the bathroom and also create an illusion of space. In fact, a frameless glass shower is considered to be one of the 10 key bathroom trends in 2016. The glass shower screens are available in varieties of designs and styles. For example, there are shower screens made of etched glass, frosted glass and plain glass.

Customized to your needs:

Apart from these, glass shower screens are also available in elegant designs and with attractive artworks on elegantly color backed glass. Naturally, such glass shower screens add to the elegance of the bathroom. The design of glass shower screens can be customized depending on the size of your bathroom. To achieve this, you find glass shower screens have been introduced in a few unique varieties like those with a sliding door facility, foldable door facility and so on.

Durable shower screens:

When you think of the glass shower screens, then you naturally come to the conclusion that such shower screens are fragile. As a matter of fact, the frameless glass shower screens Melbourne shops sell are made of toughened glass. They are scratchproof, capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions and are durable. In the normal course, the glass has a thickness of 10 mm. If you are low on budget, you may prefer a glass of 6 mm thickness. Alternatively, you can also consider semi-framed glass showers which also help in saving a considerable amount of money. Apart from these, the glass shower screens make the place sound proof and thereby they also provide the privacy.

Easy to install:

It is very easy to maintain this type of shower screens. Just wipe the glass with a wet cloth and with that the glass will regain its glitter. The installation of frameless glass shower screens Melbourne professionals conduct will not consume too much of time. Thereby it saves a considerable amount of money on labor charges. If you take a steam shower, the glass shower effectively reduces the internal steam and this in turn proportionately reduces the condensation on the bathroom mirrors. Thereby it enhances the life of the bathroom mirror. Undoubtedly, the glass shower screens are very much hygienic as compared to plastic shower screens.

Visit popular bathroom designers:

If you are planning to renovate your bathroom and also wish to install the frameless glass shower screen, then you may visit These bathroom designers undertake varieties of tasks relating to renovation of bathrooms including installation of toughened glass and so on. They always ensure that the works carried out and the materials supplied by them are of superior quality.

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