What People Who Volunteer Want You to Know

Some people nowadays are hooked with traveling abroad. There are some who explore international horizons to take a break or to find themselves. According to the great Indian philosopher Gandhi, “the best way to find yourself, is to lose yourself in the service of others”. A plain old vacation abroad is great, but wouldn’t it be greater if you can both explore the country cheaply and deeply by involving yourself in the community? If you’re planning to travel abroad for vacation, here are some reasons to consider Overseas Volunteer Work as the best option to explore the world.

Overseas Volunteer Work

Proud Experiences

Not only will you witness generosity concretely, you will also get other people to know that being able to help is an achievement worth sharing and worth being proud of. Your Philippines, Thailand, Bali or Nepal travel or vacation will not just stay as a stamp on your passport but also on your professional record as experience on your resume. Not only that, your international volunteering experience can help you stand out in the crowd when you apply at colleges or universities. After that, if you list it as experience on your resume, your overseas volunteer work will show your employer that you have both the altruism and perseverance that they’re looking for in employees. Your volunteering experience presents you as a well-rounded, mature, committed and self-motivated individual that is admirable to any employer.

Your Wanderlust

Volunteering abroad lets you witness parts of that country concealed from the common tourist trail. With this you can truly experience their culture and live with your hospitable host families. The mixture of your wanderlust and desire to help makes the trend of “Voluntourism” grow beautifully and widely.

Change of Life Perspective

We all have experienced getting sick of our daily, monotonous life. That’s why vacation time exists because it’s only natural for human beings to take a break. The daily stress we get from work, family, relationships, and health can leave us exhausted, but one thing that volunteering can change in us is our perspective in life. The sense of achievement in successful volunteers and the new outlook in life they have just gained make them all the more motivated in carrying on with their lives. They have been seen as more appreciative towards what they have now, since they have witnessed the predicament of the people in some of the poorest nations on Earth they have helped.

Being Human

There are many reasons for desiring to travel the world but, as human beings, you can’t change the fact that somewhere deep inside us is that longing to help those in need. There are also other people who may have went to a certain country before already, and they enter these overseas volunteer work for them to fulfill their wish to help and be involved in that country further. Whatever the reason for your calling to give back to the world, it doesn’t really matter if you have less or more today. There is a lot you can offer, and that is your precious time and passion to create real change.

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