Signs that Your Surface Pro 3 Needs Repair

The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet is a laptop-hybrid is a handy product to use, designed with a smooth silver-coloured magnesium shell and can easily be carried around. This ultra-light and versatile touchscreen device provides an easy and flexible experience for their users, but when it starts experiencing problems, it is the time that you need a Surface Pro 3 repair. If you are in the area of Australia looking for quick and affordable Microsoft Surface repairs, you can have your device fixed up at OZ Phone Repairs. They cater to brands such as Apple products, Samsung, Sony and many more.

surface pro 3 repair

Their expert technicians have a great knowledge in repairs and will provide the necessary parts to put your product back into shape. If you experience situations like this, contact OZ Phone Repairs to have your Surface Pro 3 repair.

1. Unresponsive Touchscreen
If your touchscreen is not working, it is time to have it looked into. This can be the cause of a cracked screen, the problem with the software or wonky touchscreen calibration. Technicians in OZ Phone Repairs have been trained to repair device with attention to detail. When it comes to an unresponsive touchscreen, these technicians can get it fixed immediately. OZ Phone Repairs is a company specializing in phone repair Sydney CBD has in the market.

2. Overheating Problems
Due to the thinness of the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet, this can easily lead to overheating problems which may slow down your system. Technicians will help clear the vents for dust and debris. When needed, using an external fan is advisable to reduce the overheating problems, this helps especially when you are playing a game.

3. Water Damage
One of the things users have to know is that the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet is not waterproof. If your device accidentally gets wet, you won’t have to rush and buy a new one immediately. The technicians in OZ Phone Repairs can take a look at it to help fix the water damage. To prevent this from happening you can purchase a waterproof case or make sure that your Surface Pro isn’t within a distance from any form of liquid.

4. Battery Problems
The Surface Pro 3 has been known for problems with battery drainage. If you start to notice that there is no hope for your battery, it is best to have the battery replaced. OZ Phone Repairs specializes in battery replacements so you will have a brand new and functional battery in no time.

OZ Phone Repairs comes with a 6-month warranty on all parts and most repairs, it also follows the no fix no fee policy. You can have your Surface Pro 3 repair done on-site or have the newly repaired device sent to you by mail. Other services for OZ Phone Repairs include iPhone battery replacement, data recovery, and any mechanical problems. Also, if you are living in the central business district of Sydney, get OPR mobile phone repairs Sydney CBD has in store for you.Get a Quote for your Microsoft Surface damages now by visiting their website at

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